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Welcome to the Rassure world of innovation, automation, and paradigm shift. Our goal is to deliver actionable insights to airline executives to help improve the bottom line. From Agent Debit Memos claiming revenue shortfalls to recommendations on distribution, fares, and surcharges, Rassure is building an offering that spans the entire passenger journey. Utilising advanced algorithms to grow incrementally smarter with experience, RAX® offers value and performance never seen before. Are you willing to explore this world with us? Come with us and discover benefits together!!!!!

Our Technology

The core of our offering is the RAX® platform for the identification of Revenue leakage, RAX® provides an innovative solution to revenue leakage violation detection and reduction using smart analytics. This approach allows airlines to recoup previously unknown revenue leakage. Harnessing the power of big data within the airline industry, RAX® optimises the complex and ever-increasing volume of data available within the airline industry. Rassure recombines more than 30 years of experience from its team in the aviation industry together with state-of-the-art technologies to provide unique automated and accurate leakage detection and end-to-end audit services to airlines.


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