Avoiding Catfights

Rassure Success Stories Moment – episode 12


Ticket Exchange & Refund can be very complex. It has always been a challenge for airlines to audit ticket exchange and refund, especially when the audit is done manually either done by airlines themselves or by traditional sales audit providers.

In the past, rules related to ticket exchange and refund were stored in ATPCO category (CAT) 16. CAT 16 has always been a lengthy and sometimes ambiguous free-text form. This leads to an exceptionally high rate of errors.


Over the past decade, more and more airlines have switched to ATPCO categories (CAT 31&33) for automated exchange and refunds. So, what’s the issue? We have noticed that, in many instances, the manual CAT 16 and the automated CAT 31/33 are inconsistent. Without a consistent source of truth, revenue leakage can continue unchecked. 


With inconsistent information, it becomes a “no man’s land” where any lower penalty or less restrictive rules can be applied during a ticket exchange or refund. Here is an actual example:  One airline’s CAT 33 states that, after failing to find a reasonable one-way fare, a partially flown ticket is non-refundable. But, at the same time, the same airline’s CAT 16 permits the ticket to be refunded. Obviously, the less restrictive condition will be selected with no regard to the original intent of Pricing.


Rassure knows that Airline’s Inventories and rules have an owner and it is our job to help airlines break new ground and manage it in the best way possible. Our solution has the capacity of working with the automated ATPCO categories and at the same time detect inconsistencies among the rules, especially with the combination of both manual and automated rules.


An airline’s revenue leakage may not be solely caused by violations. In many instances, revenue leakage can be self-inflicted. Engage Rassure for a much broader scope of revenue protection!


Not Detected, Not Seen, Lost Profit.

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