Etihad & Rassure Trailblazer Partnership

Sydney 19th July 2022


Etihad continues to evolve and push the boundaries of innovation and digitalisation, choosing Rassure as a partner to enhance its ability to identify lost revenue opportunities.


Rassure, an innovative revenue rescue service provider based out of Sydney, has announced today that it has been selected by Etihad to support the airline in automating its sales audit process. This will allow Etihad to discover multiple times more revenue than legacy, semi-automated service providers.

This collaboration will assist Etihad in recovering revenues to high levels of accuracy and with short turnaround times, making a positive impact on cash flows. As a special feature, this “out of the box” tool also enables Etihad to rerun the audit at will, simulating various “What if” scenarios to inform strategic business decisions.


“Etihad is a trailblazing airline which looks forward to digitising its processes to improve efficiencies and strengthen its profitability,” said Vikram Joshi, Vice President and Head of Sales from Rassure. ”Rassure is pleased to partner with Etihad in its quest for Business Transformation Initiatives”

“As we emerge from the pandemic, technology-based evolution is at the core of our recovery and future development strategy. The RAX platform represents a step-change in discovering lost revenue and our partnership with Rassure will allow us to create new capabilities for strategic business decisions,” added Kelly Schroeder, VP of Financial Reporting & Control at Etihad Aviation Group. “Etihad believes in the capabilities of Rassure as a strategic partner to achieve its business goals.”


About Rassure

Rassure is a company based out of Sydney. Rassure is a world of innovation, automation and paradigm shift. Our goal is to deliver actionable insights to airline executives to help improve the bottom line. From Agent Debit Memos claiming revenue shortfalls to recommendations on distribution, fares and surcharges, Rassure is building an offering that spans the entire passenger journey. Utilizing Big Data, AI/Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing harnessed to grow incrementally smarter with experience, RAX ® offers value and performance never seen before. For more information, please visit


About Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways was formed in 2003 and quickly went on to become one of the world’s leading airlines. From its home in Abu Dhabi, Etihad flies to passenger and cargo destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. In recent years, Etihad has received numerous awards for its superior service and products, cargo offering, loyalty programme and more. Etihad sees tackling the climate crisis as the most important issue of our time, and through strategic partnerships with major global aviation brands and OEMs, Etihad is relentless in its pursuit of industry decarbonisation.


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