Rassure Success Stories Moment – episode 9


Revenue audit accuracy has always been critical. Sending incorrect ADMs to the market harms the relationship between airlines and the travel agents community. If on top of that we add a pandemic, the accuracy is definitely a must-have and indispensable on the continuous sales support that comes from all channels.


But, Is 100% accuracy just a dream?

In the past, airline’s audit teams relied on many ad-hoc reports, such as flight cancellation/schedule change reports, passenger offload reports, no-show reports, and even agents’ own remarks in ticket endorsement boxes to work out what actually happened with a journey. At the same time, many airlines have made the booking/PNR data as the single version of the truth. Saying that, why don’t airline audit teams and service providers make the Passenger Name Record (PNR) data the primary data source?


Simple answer: because of volume! Visually checking tens of thousands of PNRs in legacy tools or systems or even manually is simply too costly and impossible to manage.


Rassure takes a data-driven approach to airline revenue audit by integrating data from Sales, Reservation/PNR and Fares (ATPCO). Our system (RAX) will read through every line of data in a PNR and absorb the entire booking knowledge to inform critical stages of the sales audit.


PNR data is critical to RAX’s insane accuracy and abuse detection that can go down to the precision of 1 minute. For example, one of our clients has defined in their policy that, if, for some operacional reasons, a passenger needs to be changed to a different flight and this happens in a certain number of minutes, this same passenger cannot request a refund without a penalty. Having Rax as a Sales Audit ally, the airline was able to decline refund requests derived from these occurrences. 


This was possible only because of the intense and full knowledge of every booking and flight change that is recorded inside PNRs. And this is just one of the many stories your PNR can tell. Let Rassure RAX “listen” to all your PNR  stories.


Nobody can book a flight, pay for a ticket, and get on a plane without a PNR, so, this indispensable file should be logically used when these same steps are being audited. With a high security and GDPR compliant private environment in place, Rassure can do that and therefore continue to give support and assure airlines revenue protection.


Not Detected, Not Seen, Lost Profit.


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