About us

Rassure is a global organization with all its R&D & Core Operations located in Sydney, Australia. We are using Big Data and advanced algorithms to create path-breaking value offerings for the Airline Industry. The Rassure team has decades of experience with full-service airlines with expertise in ticketing, distribution, software engineering, data science and strategy (PhDs and Masters). Rassure has a sole focus on airline revenue assurance and profit uplift for client CEOs and CFOs.

Rassure is known in the airline industry for transforming passenger journey data to directly impact airline profitability. Using our foundational knowledge in reducing revenue leakage through our RAX® sales audit platform, Rassure has built an impressive platform that supports airline executives in identifying existing revenue leakage and opportunities to improve overall revenue. Rassure probably is the only single organization that has developed the capability to identify revenue leakage across the life cycle of passenger journeys through a single platform RAX®. This opens a number of opportunities to create value addition for the Airline industry.

Our Clients