Sales Audit


Rassure offers Audit services across the Passenger journey from booking till the last coupon is flown. Every ticket is audited against over 500+ conditions in milliseconds as specified in the fare rules.

Rassure offers a Sales Audit for airlines which constitutes a complete audit of all sales transactions from Issue, Exchange/Revalidation and Refund. The audit it is done through its proprietary platform RAX® with 100% automation and without any human intervention using advanced algorithms. Rassure uses ATPCO fares as a base to validate every transaction.

Some of the benefits of RAX® are: 

  • 100% Machine Detection: RAX® produces consistent results, high accuracy and fewer errors.
  • 100% Coverage: Audits all transactions, internal or external to ensure no violations are missed.
  • Hundreds of Checks: Every ticket is subjected to hundreds of rule checks, including taxes.
  • High Detection Levels: Revenue leakage is important and urgent, improves the airline’s bottom line and is a deterrence factor to agents.
  • Quick Turnaround: Audit completed within hours. Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Audit possible.
  • Latest Technology: Interprets and extracts information from fare sheets to augment the main steam data during audits.
  • Repeatable & Reproducible Results: Capable of backtesting and complete impact assessment for airline’s policy changes.
  • Seamless Scale-up & Scale-down: Flexible and machine setup enables seamless audit of any amount of tickets at any point in time.
  • Support Strategic Decisions: Easy-to-use reports and analysis gives the capability business to make strategic decisions.

Distribution Watch


Distribution Watch is an evolution of the RAX® platform that takes conventional BIDT audit approaches and turbo charges them with its own advanced algorithms and wider data sources, including PNR, that keep a wide-angle view of booking behaviour and cost. This next generation of GDS audit results in identifying increasingly sophisticated behaviours by the distribution network to circumvent airline booking policies that can impact inventory and distribution costs

The main advantages of Rassure’s Distribution Watch are as follows:

  • End to End service right from invoice matching, identifying abuse, ADM management and disputes.
  • Independent invoice matching – reconciliation of PNR data against BIDT data
  • Ability to combine BIDT data with ticketing data.
  • Identify unproductive bookings that may be costing more than sales audit recoveries.
  • Ability to automatically look at multiple past month data to ensure no churnings are missed based on multiple months’ occurrence.
  • Ability to automatically look across GDSs to ensure that there is no circumventing of GDS abuses.
  • Ability to identify IATA agents even for PCC ensuring the Airline does not lose money.

Distribution Watch is a platform, not an audit.  The platform has many outputs – audit being one of them. 

Direct Sales

Legacy auditors are simply not capable of auditing every ticket consistently with accuracy time after time. At present, only RAX®  is able to do this. This means that RAX® can actually validate every transaction and provide protection even over direct sales where no recovery is possible. This reality has often led to direct sales audits being performed simply to meet compliance requirements.

RAX® technology, for the first time, offers economical solutions to internal channel managers to track the performance quality of internal channels such as call centers, airport ticketing desks and lounges. In one client, the airline discovered that revenue leakage was five times agency sales! This led to a review of policies and training.