The core of our offering is the RAX® platform for the identification of Revenue leakage, RAX® provides an innovative solution to revenue leakage violation detection and reduction using smart analytics. This approach allows airlines to recoup previously unknown revenue leakage. Harnessing the power of big data within the airline industry, RAX® optimises the complex and ever-increasing volume of data available within the airline industry. Rassure recombines more than 30 years of experience from its team in the aviation industry together with state-of-the-art technologies to provide unique automated and accurate leakage detection and end-to-end audit services to airlines.


RAX® is the only unified platform in the world which identifies lost revenue across the entire passenger journey with insane levels of accuracy.


Our Platform RAX® sets a new quality, cost and sustainability standard in the detection of revenue violations caused by willful abuse, genuine errors or poor design. Through a deep understanding of each customer journey, its specific business policies and tax rules applied during the ticket life cycle, RAX® has achieved more than three times the existing level of detection on every like-for-like audit so far and occasionally over ten times. 


Our system has already been benchmarked by some of the most awarded airlines and has identified millions in annual revenue leakage and lost profit. A single invoice represented over US$1M in recovery for our client!


Many airlines believe 100% of their tickets are being checked by traditional legacy auditors. They are in the sense that an auditor has reviewed a batch and performed some sample checks. However, when the violation rate is in the sub-1 % range, sampling becomes inadequate. RAX®, on the other hand, reviews each ticket individually and performs hundreds of tests to validate the ticket. Triangulating multiple data sources, RAX® can deliver results multiple times the current industry performance. There is no comparison.


Airlines seeking to capture the benefits of automation will find in Rassure a kindred partner with equal dedication and experience.

In Summary

– 100% of tickets are individually checked by our engines including internal direct, agency sales and auto-priced tickets – not a sampling of all tickets.

– 100% of bookings (PNR) are individually checked.

– 100% of fares and T&Cs reconciled – not limited to the manual transactions only.

– All channels covered (direct and indirect) – not just external agencies.

– All activities covered (including call centres, check-ins, lounges) – not just reported sales.

– Rapid detection within hours when key data become available.

This enables the airlines to break the silos of the various functions across the airline and singularly focus on discovering the hidden revenue otherwise lost.


RAX®  has a deep impact on the overall Revenue of the Airline. Just imagine the level of detection when every ticket sold undergoes at least 500+ checks in milliseconds to validate each and every parameter. By the way, the machine never gets tired and you can run the validations in case data is missed for some reason. We are also mindful that this happens practically at almost all airlines. 


RAX® does not allow such trivial realities in business to impact the loss of the airlines.


RAX® can enable 100% detection of violations for Airlines within a matter of hours or days and can:

  • Process millions of transactions per hour through a high-powered engine.
  • Provides full coverage of the entire commercial activity, closing gaps left by silos.
  • Automate ADM recovery and dispute management module.
  • Reveal the impact of business policies, operations, and exceptions.
  • Delivers timely and comprehensive management reporting to drive agent behaviour change
  • Has a positive impact on your cash flow as the audits can be performed not only at monthly frequency but fortnightly or daily basis – depending only on the availability of all audit-sensitive data.
  • Scale up or Scale down as there is no human dependency